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Jema is back! Roly Poly Farm is officially joining the fold! Along with Dan at Dugite Farm and John at Kirup Valley Farm, there is heaps to choose from – and that’s just the fresh veg.

It’s Jema’s first harvest of the season and there won’t be a huge amount of her produce available, so we will be keeping it aside for the set price boxes this week. It’s just a trickle now, but there will be peas for all in a short time.

Now we have a good, reliable supply we can let you know in advance what will be in the set price boxes. Each week we will put up a list of what will be in the boxes here on our website.

November is Live Local month and there is a lot going on. We are involved in a couple of the events and are running a promotion throughout November. In collaboration with Burnside Organic Farm, we are helping with a farm tour and open day on Saturday 28 November. Bookings were opened during the week and the event is almost booked out! More info and a link to get your tickets can be found further down the page.

Local is More has organised a Sustainable Food seminar on Tuesday 24 November at Margaret River Tafe. It’s a free event where you can learn all about regenerative farming, sustainable food production and local food distribution. Fascinating stuff! I’ll be there chatting about Gathered Organics as an example of a grower direct food distribution model and would love to see some familiar faces in the audience.

There’s also an intercultural morning tea, an open garden, a bush tucker workshop and Fair Harvest’s Festival of Forgotten Skills happening too. Almost all of it is free or entry by donation, with a massive thanks to Karen Majer and everyone else behind the scenes of the Local is More initiative.

Pic taken from Roly Poly Farm

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