Here at Gathered Organics, we are always looking at ways to reduce our environmental footprint and a big part of this is packaging. You may have noticed that your dry goods (like rice, coffee and oats) arrive in a plain paper bag, possibly secured with paper masking tape. This is intentional and there are a couple of key reasons:

  • If we provided these goods in heavy duty packaging that was a denser paper or lined with a water resistant coating, it would cost more and this expense would be passed on to you. By choosing minimal packaging, we are able to offer these goods at the best possible price.
  • There is so much excess packaging in the world and we don’t want to contribute to it! Single use packaging is undeniably convenient but very few people repurpose it, with most being disposed of after it has been used just once. 
  • All our dry goods are stored wrapped up and air tight, weighed into paper bags the night before or in the case of coffee beans, right before your box is picked up. This way freshness is maintained and we can avoid the use of more expensive, more wasteful packaging. We are also more than happy to refill glass jars or other containers if you want to drop them in at our Margaret River store.

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